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The sleep centers feature comfortable and quiet rooms that are very much like nice hotels.

Overnight Sleep Study

One of the best techniques to diagnose sleep problems is to monitor you while you're asleep. As a result, our doctors often recommend that you take part in an overnight sleep study so they can make the most accurate diagnosis and recommend the most effective treatment.

Alabama Sleep Clinic has strong relationships with the top hospital sleep centers in our area, ensuring that our patients enjoy the highest quality of care when undergoing overnight sleep testing.

When you schedule a sleep study through our clinic, you can be sure you'll receive care at one of the best sleep centers in North Alabama.  In addition, unlike other clinics, the Alabama Sleep Clinic provides comprehensive services both before and after diagnosis. First, you can see a sleep doctor and schedule a sleep study. After your study is complete, your doctor will help you understand your sleep condition and treatment options. Then, you can receive treatment hardware such as CPAP and oral appliances in our office. In addition, you’ll have ongoing access to resources and information about your care.

An overnight sleep study is a way for our doctors to monitor you for one full night while you're sleeping so they can figure out why you aren't getting a good night's sleep. Sleep studies take place at one of north Alabama's top hospital sleep centers. The sleep centers feature comfortable and quiet rooms that are very much like nice hotels.

What will happen during a sleep study?

To figure out why you're not sleeping, skilled sleep technicians will attach small pads to you to monitor your breathing, movement, oxygen levels and brain activity. Then, go to sleep just like at home. Technicians will monitor you during the night, and also videotape you while you're sleeping, to see how much you toss and turn. If you have trouble going to sleep in a strange environment, a doctor will provide a sleep aid. Our staff will provide complete instructions for your sleep study when you make an appointment, and they will be available before your appointment to answer any questions.

What happens during a sleep study for a child?

Sleep studies for children are essentially the same as for adults. However, a parent or legal guardian must be at the sleep center with the child, although parents or guardians can't sleep in the child's room. We'll provide a recliner for a parent or guardian. You can bring items that will help your child get to sleep, like a teddy bear or pacifier. You can also read your child a bedtime story or play a video before bed.

What happens after an overnight sleep study?

After your study, your doctor will review all of the information and make a diagnosis. You'll come back to the Alabama Sleep Clinic to review the test results with your doctor and to discuss the available treatment options.